Siân uses traditional stained glass techniques and a variety of methods including the "opus sectile" style mosaic to create beautiful contemporary designs and art. Her Life Seeds Series explores the visual detail and symbolism of how fruit and seeds have been used in different cultures throughout the ages to tell a story.

Siân hand carves the glass with a sandblaster to create interest, intrigue and a desire to interact with her eye-catching stain glass designs. This combination of translucent and reflective surfaces adds texture and movement to her antique glass, mosaic and mirror designs.

Siân loves working with glass and is a keen advocate of using recycled glass in her art where possible. Her stained glass art goes against the norm as she invites you to look and touch!

Mosaic and glass commisions to date include:

Siân also lectures part-time and has taught on the Glass HNC programme at the University of Wales Trinity St David.